Information about the API

Information about the API

The software provider of the external system is implementing the call to the REST API DATEVconnect online hr-imports (Lohnimportdatenservice). With this API, the ASCII file, which was uploaded to the DATEV data center by the external system, can be imported into the DATEV payroll systems LODAS and Lohn und Gehalt. The REST API is providing state information to the payroll system and the external system to show both sides the current state of the file's process.


User requirements

Users (employees of client) working with the external system authenticate themselves to the DATEV data center via OAuth. The system creates an export file depending on the employed DATEV payroll system LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt. After successful authentication and authorization the file with its meta information (please see the following list) is sent to the DATEV data center. Subsequently a state message is available for the external system.

Meta information

  • import_file_type
  • file_provider
  • creation_time
  • target_system
  • payroll_accounting_month
  • mail_address (not a required field)

The tax consultant’s employees (payroll clerks) working with the DATEV payroll system LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt authenticate themselves to the DATEV data center via OAuth. A list of all files, which can be imported, is displayed in the payroll system. The import files can then be selectively retrieved and imported into the payroll system. As soon as the import was successful or failed, a corresponding state message is available to the external system.
For further technical and functional information, please see the API Reference.


For further information on the requirements, please refer to document 1018641 in the information database. 

If necessary, the tax consultant and the user will agree upon further courses of action relevant to the transfer of data.