The DATEV format interface is a file-based interface for the transfer of structured transactional and master data to DATEV Rechnungswesen.

The import of these files can be done either manually via an import dialog or also automated via various tools & interfaces (see Import-/Export).


Use cases


The DATEV-Format consists of several format descriptions for different use cases. With these format descriptions you can reach almost every data field in DATEV Rechnungswesen. Which format can be used for which specific use cases (e.g. incoming/outgoing invoices, cash transactions, address changes) is explained in the individual format descriptions.


Non-use cases


The DATEV format is not suitable to transfer data to other modules like Kostenrechnung, Anlagenbuchführung or SEPA-Mandatverwaltung.
The interfaces for these modules can be found in our info documents on


Requirements of the German GoBD


In order to fulfill the requirements of the GoBD regarding locking and unchangeability, the DATEV format is equipped with a locking indicator. This indicator can be used to control whether the data is transferred directly in an unchangeable form during import or whether it can still be changed after import. You should discuss individually with your customers whether a lock up is necessary or offer him a setting function in your software.