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Reminder: Discontinuation version 1.0 of the desktop API “Document Management”

As communicated earlier the API version 1.0 (or 1.3.1) of the Document Management API will be discontinued with the program version 18.0 of DATEV DMS, Document Filing (Dokumentenablage) and Document Filing with revision (Dokumentenablage Revisionssicherheit). Until 08.08.2024 a change to API Version 2.0 (or 2.2.0) is required. Information about version 2.0 of the Document Management API can be found here: Document Management - DATEV Developer Portal | DATEV Developer Portal .

DATEV Personalakte | No support for the DATEV Belegbilderservice Rechnungswesen (accounting:documents) | Information

You have connected the ”DATEV Belegbilderservice Rechnungswesen” (accounting:documents) and your customers use it to transmit payroll-relevant documents? We have fundamentally modernised the application “Digitale Personalakte” and developed it into a stand-alone application, “DATEV Personalakte”. The new “DATEV Personalakte” is part of the product “ DATEV Personal ”. The old “Digitale Personalakte”, previously part of “DATEV Belege online”, will no longer be developed further and is expected to be discontinued on 30 June 2025. What will change for our customers? The new “DATEV Personalakte” is

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