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Announcement of the information event: “E-invoicing will become mandatory in Germany and Europe. Why you should connect your solutions to the DATEV e-invoicing platform.”

The legislature is currently planning to introduce e-invoicing as the first stage in the fight against sales tax fraud in the B2B sector from January 1, 2025. According to plans by the Federal Ministry of Finance, the exchange of invoice data will take place via platforms in the future. Since the implementation of legal requirements is one of DATEV's core tasks and we are actively promoting the digitalization of commercial business processes together with the profession, the cooperative will develop its own e-invoicing platform before the legal obligation. In order to keep you as a software

my-tax:income-tax-documents: Hide inactive clients

In my-tax:income-tax-documents , you may now hide inactive clients from the result list (endpoint GET /clients). This feature requires DATEV Basisdaten online . For further information, see API Documentation .

Business-Spot: The DATEV-Ecosystem