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    DATEVconnect Dokumentation available for DVD 13.1

    For DATEVconnect: The documentation for DVD 13.1 is available for the accounting division. You can find this documentation under Desktop APIs: Accounting

    New features can be found in the Changelog in the documentation. 

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    DVD 13.0 and DATEVconnect: Certification for workplaces without DATEV software

    Recently every DATEV user received the latest DATEV software 13.0. When the DVD 13.0 is installed, a new certificate is required for the use of the interface in order to continue to guarantee encrypted DATEV communication.
    • Desktop APIs

    DATEVconnect for the DVD 13.0 is available

    With the release of DATEV DVD 13.0, the new versions and documentation for DATEVconnect are also available. For example, the new version for accounting.
    • Error
    • Desktop APIs

    A-Fehler in API DATEVconnect Accounting/business partner

    In August 2018 an error in the DATEVconnect Accounting/business partner interface was discovered. The number of affected users is estimated to be relatively low, as the data fields are rarely used.