New Desktop APIs online

In our Desktop APIs we have now released the new version for the DATEV-DVD 14.0.

Accounting (V1.5.0): With the new version, account entries ("Kontobuchungen") can now also be retrieved with DATEVconnect. This is a chargeable function (costs 5€/month) and requires an extra license which can be ordered via the DATEV-Shop, Art.No. 95355.

Law (V0.1.0): From the DATEV-DVD 14.0 on, DATEV lawyer can now also be accessed via DATEVconnect.

Furthermore there were updates for the APIs of Identity and Access Management (V1.1.0) and Client Master Data (V1.6.0).

Further details can be taken from the respective changelog of the API (see API-Documentation > API-Changelog).