Errors in update DATEV Unternehmen online on 12.06.2019

With the last update (see also revious blog) there are two sources of error. 

1. Invoice interfase: 
For the attribute  "delivery_date" a validation (delivery_date <= invoice_date) was implemented in DATEV Unternehmen online to improve data quality.

However, the introduction of a more restrictive validation for a mandatory field that had existed for some time led to import problems for some users. For this reason, we have decided to remove the validation in DATEV Unternehmen online again. However, since the validation is basically necessary and correct, it will be carried out later during the import to DATEV Rechnungswesen. The error message appears in the DATEV Rechnungswesen import log. Here the user has the option of adjusting the data records manually.

Error message in the import log: "Invoice does not match invoice schema. Cause: Error no. = 802,Error text = Invalid field content transferred: Field name: delivery_date Field type: Date Field content: ..."
Please note that a delivery_date > invoice_date or consolidatedDeliveryDate / deliveryDate > consolidatedDate / date is not transferred online according to receipts. The import is nevertheless carried out.  

2. Ledger/document record interface, type: cashLedge:  A totals check has been implemented for the attribute "consolidatedAmount". In connection with negative cash transactions (cash withdrawal), however, the following error message is displayed in the import log: "Cash book does not match schema. Cause: RC=9 Error in SENTENCE:1 ERRORTEXT:Total gross <> consolidateAmount FIELD CONTENTS:...". The total check will be corrected by us in the coming days.

If affected users contact you - please inform your customers that the error situation is known to us and will be corrected within the next few days. After our update, the user can simply upload the files again - and then without an error message. We will inform you at the same place as soon as the corrected version is available.