Update: Impact of the "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" on interfaces

All following information is subject to change and should give you a first impression of the direction in which our plans are going. We try to solve the challenges of the planned "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" with minimal effect for your existing DATEV interfaces.

With an update of the DATEV Rechnungswesen we would like to enable an automatic, delivery date-dependent (or document date-dependent) tax rate determination for tax keys & ledger accounts with tax function (reduced/full tax rate). So your interfaces can take the previous tax keys and ledger accounts.

However, there will also be special usecases for which a different solution is required. For this reason, we are also considering extending our tax keys and ledger accounts. In which cases the use of these new values is necessary, we will show in our next blog.

For general customer information regarding the "Corona-Konjunkturpaket", we have now also published a website. You are also welcome to share the link with your DATEV customers.

Of course we will continue to support you here in the blog with specific information for developers.