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    • General Information

    Update: Impact of the "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" on interfaces

    From now on, we will provide all the information regarding "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" on an extra website and update it continuously:

    • General Information

    Update: Impact of the "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" on interfaces

    All following information is subject to change and should give you a first impression of the direction in which our plans are going. We try to solve the challenges of the planned "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" with minimal effect for your existing DATEV interfaces.

    With an update of the DATEV Rechnungswesen we would like to enable an automatic, delivery date-dependent (or document date-dependent) tax rate determination for tax keys & ledger accounts with tax function (reduced/full tax rate). So your interfaces can take the previous tax keys and ledger accounts.

    However, there will also be

    • General Information

    Impact of the "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" on interfaces

    Currently we analyse the effects of the "Corona-Konjunkturpaket" on our DATEV apps and their interfaces. The paper of the Federal Ministry of Finance provides, among other things, a six-month tax reduction from July 1, 2020. There is no draft law or implementing regulation on this yet.

    We will adapt the affected DATEV apps to the new requirements. At this point, we cannot say whether and how existing interfaces to our apps have to be adapted.

    As soon we are know concrete details, we will again provide information here via Blog.

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    New design: same content, another representation.

    The new design for our developer portal is now online.
    The content itself has not changed but its representation.
    Especially the API documentation has become much clearer.
    We spare the details at this point > just have a look.

    Our tag structure for the blog has become more granular and the existing subscriptions have not been migrated.
    If you have already subscribed our tags, you would need to refresh your subscription now (Blog > Subscribe).

    • Desktop APIs
    • General Information

    DVD 13.0 and DATEVconnect: Certification for workplaces without DATEV software

    Recently every DATEV user received the latest DATEV software 13.0. When the DVD 13.0 is installed, a new certificate is required for the use of the interface in order to continue to guarantee encrypted DATEV communication.
    • General Information

    Processing Fixed Write Indicator as of DVD 13.0

    DVD 13.0 (approx. August 2019) will change the processing method for fixed-write indicators in DATEV Accounting.
    • General Information

    PayPal Interface in DATEV Rechnungswesen

    Since the program DVD 12.0 there is a new program function for the users of DATEV Rechnungswesen, for the retrieval of PayPal revenues via the DATEV Rechenzentrum. You should extend your DATEV interface to enable the user to use the automatic balancing function.