A-Fehler in API DATEVconnect Accounting/business partner

In August 2018 an error in the DATEVconnect Accounting/business partner interface was discovered. The number of affected users is estimated to be relatively low, as the data fields are rarely used.

Methods affected

All PUT operations in the business partners area to update the data of an existing business partner in the DATEV accounting programs.

Error description

When a PUT operation is executed, the entire business partner object is always overwritten with all data fields. Individual data fields that have not been transferred are interpreted as deleted. The DATEVconnect data model currently differs from the data model in the DATEV accounting programs. There are more data fields in the DATEV accounting programs than can be transferred with DATEVconnect. The additional data fields in the DATEV accounting programs are therefore deleted during a PUT operation. The following data fields (batch 1) are currently affected by this deletion:

  • period calculation
  • Dunning period 1
  • Dunning period 2
  • Reminder period 3
  • Last deadline
  • District*
  • Date of birth
  • Type of enterprise*
  • Block on execution*
  • Temporary suspension of execution*

* Data fields are only available in the DATEV Rechnungswesen program for local authorities.

There are, however, further deviations in the data models for business partners. The following data fields (batch 2) are also not contained in the data model of the DATEVconnect interface. However, these are not currently deleted due to a different constellation::

  • Fee calculation
  • Reminder fee 1
  • Reminder fee 2
  • Reminder fee 3
  • Flat rate billing
  • Flat rate 1
  • Flat rate 2
  • Flat rate 3

Further actions

The updated interface documentation DATEVconnect (Version 1.3.0, DVD 12.0) has been available here in the portal since 30 August 2018.

The interface documentation of DATEVconnect was directly extended by all mentioned data fields. However, the DATEVconnect interface itself will be adapted to the new data model in two batches. In October 2018, a service release will be delivered that supplements the data fields from batch 1. With the DATEV programs 13.0 (delivery expected in August 2019), the data fields from batch 2 will then also be included in the DATEVconnect interface.

We recommend that you convert your DATEVconnect implementation to the new complete data model at your business partners as soon as possible. If you want to deliver your updated software before the DATEV-side adaptation of the DATEVconnect interface, the new data fields would simply be discarded in the meantime. A key date change is therefore not necessary.

Costumer information

We do not actively inform our customers who use the DATEVconnect interface due to the low probability of the error situation occurring. Decide for yourself whether you want to actively inform your customers about the error. For DATEVconnect users, we have provided a document in the info database: Should one of your customers be affected by this error situation and contact you, please ask him to contact the Accounting program service.

contact options

If you, as a software provider, have any questions about the interface, please feel free to contact schnittstellenberatung@datev.de. If your customer has DATEV-specific questions, please refer him to the accounting program service. You will find the contact details in the DATEV telephone directory (Doc. No. 0908003).