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First Steps

For whom is the Developer Portal intended?

Our Developer Portal is for all companies that want to develop an interface to DATEV software (whether coding or designing). The content and features of the portal are therefore not only accessible for our DATEV members (members?! More information here).

How can I register on the portal?

The registration on the portal takes place automatically with the first login. A DATEV authentication medium (SmartCard/SmartLogin/Benutzerkonto) is required for the login. If you already own such a medium, you can log in directly from the start page.

No DATEV authentication medium yet? Then you can order a medium directly via the start page (see button "Order DATEV Benutzerkonto"). Please note that this is associated with a processing time of up to 3 days.

Login problems?

1. You cannot log in with the desired DATEV authentication medium?

Here it helps to empty the browser cache and/or to explicitly define the authentication medium here.

2. You receive the following error message when logging in?

"Die E-Mail-Adresse <your e-mail address> wird bereits verwendet. Die Anmeldung über DATEV konnte aufgrund eines Fehlers nicht abgeschlossen werden."

In principle, it is possible to log in using different DATEV authentication media with identical e-mail addresses. There are problems if you have different DATEV authentication media with identical e-mail addresses on different Beraternummern (customer number from DATEV). The registration of a user at the Developer Portal is automatically done with the first login. If, after the first registration, you try to log in with a different medium using the same e-mail address but a different Beraternummer, this error occurs.

Remedy: Either you use the medium from the first registration or you write to with subject "New registration for <your e-mail address>".  We will then delete your first registration and as soon as you receive a reply from us, you can re-register/login with the desired medium.

You have another error/problem constellation? Just write us:


How can I add more people to my developer organization?

The admin of the organization can add further users via the "User administration" (see top right corner > at the user name > menu item "My organization").

Precondition: The new user must already have registered on the Developer Portal (registration takes place automatically when logging in for the first time). This user can then be added to the organization using his e-mail address.

Please note that a maximum of 20 users can be added to an organization.

How do I find out the admin of my developer organization? Can the admin be changed?

Via the user administration (see top right, at the user name, menu item "My Organization") all users of the organization are listed. The admin has the role "Organization Owner". The admin role cannot currently be changed by the user. The admin of the organisation can request a change by e-mail:

Online APIs

Where can I find further information regarding "DATEVconnect online"?

More Information about DATEVconnect online can be found here.

How does authentication and authorization work with the Online APIs?

DATEV has implemented the standards OAtuh 2.0 and various flows from OpenID connect for the Online APIs. The client application receives a Client ID and a Client Secret for communication with the DATEV data centre. These credentials are currently only granted with a partnership with DATEV (but by QIII 2021 we would like to be able to make our web services available to all interested parties).

In a further step, a user with a DATEV authentication medium (SmartCard/SmartLogin) must then authorise the client application to access the web services in the DATEV data centre. If the user grants authorization, the client application receives a token for the communication with the DATEV data centre. In the various web services different versions of this authentication and authorization are used. The details can be found in the respective web service documentation (see section "Documentation").

What does subscription mean?

***Note: This feature is not available yet***

After successful registration of a new app you have to subscribe your whised Online APIs. Within the click on "Subscribe" the scopes of the API will be enabled for your app.

Desktop APIs

Where can I find further information regarding "DATEVconnect"?

More Information about DATEVconnect can be found here.

How can I set up DATEVconnect?

DATEVconnect can be set up using the detailed description.