Frequently Asked Questions - General

How can I retrieve all content from the Developer Portal?

In order to get all content and functions of the portal, the Enterprise License must be ordered.

The offer is aimed exclusively at companies within the meaning of §14 BGB (German Civil Code). Any company that meets these requirements can order and use the Enterprise License. The Enterprise License applies to the entire company, which is also referred here in the portal as the developer organization. You can find further information on the costs and conditions in our order process.

Companies outside of Germany can send an inquiry to

How can I add more people to my developer organization?

The admin of the organization can add further users via the "User administration" (see top right corner > at the user name > menu item "My organization").

Precondition: The new user must already have registered on the Developer Portal (registration takes place automatically when logging in for the first time). This user can then be added to the organization using his e-mail address.

Please note that a maximum of 20 users can be added to an organization.

How do I find out the admin of my developer organization? Can the admin be changed?

Via the user administration (see top right, at the user name, menu item "My Organization") all users of the organization are listed. The admin has the role "Organization Owner". The admin role cannot currently be changed by the user. The admin of the organisation can request a change by e-mail:

What is behind the terms "Online APIs", "Desktop APIs" and "File Interfaces"?

An API enables direct communication from application to application (client/server). For APIs we differentiate between:
Online APIs: Here the communication always takes place via the DATEV data center. We offer various services to exchange data with our web applications or to provide data for the desktop applications. The Online APIs are also known as "DATEVconnect online".
Desktop APIs: Direct communication with a DATEV desktop application. Both – client and server – must be within a trusted network (LAN). Our desktop APIs are also known as "DATEVconnect".

Besides our APIs, many DATEV applications also offers File Interfaces (e.g. based on CSV/XML) for data exchange. There is no direct communication between the applications. A user usually has to import/export the files manually via an import/export dialog.