Frequently Asked Questions - Online APIs

How does authentication and authorization work with the Online APIs?

DATEV has implemented the standards OAtuh 2.0 and various flows from OpenID connect for the Online APIs. The client application receives a Client ID and a Client Secret for communication with the DATEV data centre. These credentials are currently only granted with a partnership with DATEV (but by the end of 2019 we would like to be able to make our web services available to all interested parties).
In a further step, a user with a DATEV authentication medium (SmartCard/SmartLogin) must then authorise the client application to access the web services in the DATEV data centre. If the user grants authorization, the client application receives a token for the communication with the DATEV data center. In the various web services different versions of this authentication and authorization are used. The details can be found in the respective web service documentation (see section "Documentation").

Where can I find further information regarding "DATEVconnect online"?

All Information about the product "DATEVconnect online" can be found here.