Frequently Asked Questions - Vorabinformationen

For whom is the Developer Portal intended?

Our Developer Portal is for all companies that want to develop an interface to DATEV software (whether coding or designing). The content and features of the portal are therefore not only accessible for our DATEV members (members?! More information here).

How can I register on the portal?

The registration on the portal takes place automatically with the first login. A DATEV authentication medium (SmartCard/SmartLogin/Benutzerkonto) is required for the login. If you already own such a medium, you can log in directly from the start page.

No DATEV authentication medium yet? Then you can order a medium directly via the start page (see button "Order DATEV Benutzerkonto"). Please note that this is associated with a processing time of up to 3 days.

What can I expect after login?

In our portal there is a public and a chargeable area. After the first successful login you will be taken to the public area. Here you can already see first API documentations (e.g. API for DATEV Kassenarchiv online, API Login with DATEV) as well as our blog.

To be able to use all contents and features (see our Leistungsbeschreibung on, the "Enterprise License" (25,00€ net monthly, minimum duration 12 months) has to be ordered directly via the portal. Further information can be found in the FAQs of the public and chargeable area.